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24/7 vet advice from qualified specialists to provide piece of mind in your pet's moment of need. 


We promise:

  • Excellent advice

  • Convenience

  • Affordable pricing

  • 24/7 service


Where to find HELPP Vet

No need to leave home. No need to wait days for an appointment. Available 24/7. No massive bill at the end.


HELPP Vet is not like other veterinarian telehealth services. We bring together a continually growing number of vets, vet techs and vet nurses and provide them with the platform to connect with pet owners. By having vets registering from all around the world, with different backgrounds we aim is to provide you with specialist vet advice, at any time day or night.  


We are also passionate about privacy. That's why you can use the HELPP Vet platform and never have to give up your private details. It's kinda like a dating site where you get to have conversations without having to use your name. 


Finally, we love technology. We will continually be looking to update and upgrade the HELPP Vet platform to give you the best experience possible. We might not get it all right at the start, but we listen to our users and will operate a voting system for new features. If you want to see something new please write to us and we'll put it to our community for further feedback. If we think it's a fabulous idea we may just get onto it straight away!  

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