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Instant Vet Advice

NO NEED TO BOOK - speak via live video to a qualified vet or vet nurse now, 24/7!



Instant access to veteranarian specialists from around the world.
Get advice from a growing list of vets who specialise in different animals and conditions. 


Access to global animal specialists


No need to leave home. No need to wait days for an appointment. Available 24/7. No massive bill at the end.

With more than 60% of all pet related questions able to be handled from home, uses the same technology as Zoom to connect you with vets for advice. Think of it as a giant animal triage centre, or Healthline for animals.

How it all works

One-time registration process
3 easy steps


Step 1. Register 

Simply add your personal details as a pet parent - a one-time process.

Step 2. Add payment details

Use Stripe payments for secure and easy payments. 

Step 3. Connect with a Vet

Use specific selection criteria, connect with an on-call vet, or pick a vet you have added to your 'favourites' list in the past.

What is veterinary telemedicine?

Vet telemedicine (Televet) is about providing vetenarian advice at distance. It is usually done via video, phone calls, or messaging. focuses on on-call live video - no need to book!


While and other televet services do not replace clinic based services, it is a convenient, affordable way to seek advice and get peace of mind about your animal friend 24/7.

Common symtoms people use for

Many common conditions can be treated symptomatically through These include:

  • Emergency Care - advice when you are not sure if you need to visit a vet in person

  • Skin issues such as rashes, redness and itchiness

  • Health & Well-being - vaccination and desexing advice

  • Nutrition - diet selection advice

  • Behavior problems - anxiety, training etc

  • Gastrointestinal, vomiting and diarrhea

  • General pet health and wellness concerns

  • Second opinions

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